Feature Products & Projects

New Product: Attention Cotton Growers!
Introducing the ‘Concrete Water Channel Headwall’ Systems, an ideal solution for bankless channel and row cropping needs! Carrying up to 72MGL with minimal head loss this system is available with galvanised slats to control overflow as well as an electric solar powered winch door control unit. With the option to be modified for remote access and reinforced to handle extreme loads this unit is a must have. 

Water Channel design with zero erosion, you will save $100's. These channels are laid flat on top of ground level to enable you to use every drop of water you have. These channel's allow for easy cleaning and no maintenance needed! Designed and manufactured at B.Altin & Co and ready to deliver.

New Product: Winch Door control system Outlet off concrete channel, available for all V & L Shape water stops and Concrete Channels. With sun resistant tarp this system is your board & door control system all in one without the fear of a hurt back. 

Bruno Altin and Co now has new and improved ‘Winged L Water Stops’. With extended rear wings for added stability.Deeper sides to help reduce wash outs and self-cleaning door seals to assist in removing debris. These units are available with steel doors, steel slats, winch control tarp systems or the NEW ‘wireless automated control system’ that can monitor and control the stop straight from your smart phone.